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What We Do

Worldwide Capital, LLC is a private real estate debt investor.

Worldwide originates, underwrites, and funds private real estate debt investments on behalf of its Principals and a select group of qualified co-investors.

Worldwide provides responsive short-term senior mortgages to real estate developers, investors, foreign nationals, and real estate entrepreneurs.

To consistently grow capital through investment, capital must first be preserved. The Worldwide Capital investment process begins and ends with an absolute focus on capital preservation.

If you feel you have an investment opportunity that may be of interest to us, please contact us.

We respect broker relationships.

Who We Are

Worldwide Capital was founded to streamline and expand the private corporate real estate lending activities of Principal, Reyna Rosenshein, and the Rosenshein family office.

Worldwide offers domestic and international co-investors the opportunity to participate alongside both our capital and more than a decade of private lending experience.

Worldwide maintains offices in Brooklyn NY, and Miami FL.

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  • 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 847, 8th Floor, Miami, FL 33126
  • 718-930-0505

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